Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gibbons' Top 10 topics for new governors

Flashed by Jon Ralston this morning and reported today by Brendan Riley of the Associated Press, Gov. Jim Gibbons the politically challenged governor of Nevada is going to host a seminar for governor elects to prepare them for their new jobs.

You can find Brendan Riley's story here.

No doubt the Gov. has plenty of experience to share with those newly elected governors. I can imagine some of the seminar topics so I've created a possible list. Hopefully the Governor is only hosting and not providing the outline of topics.

1) Whose words are they anyway? How to write your own speeches

2) Parking Garage Etiquette 101

3) How to dump a first lady in 10 days; barring she doesn't kick you out of the mansion first

4) 101 ways to text message on the public dime

5) Late night texting for dummies, uh Governors

6) How not to fleece rich widows

7) How to survive 23 percent approval ratings: Deny, deny, deny!

8) How to have fun after the party has left

9) Budget cutting basics; widows and orphans then education

10) Play dates for chief executives: kids school programs, rodeos and grocery shopping

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